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La Marzocco Linea Micra

Bring the Café Home

Clean lines and familiar charm in a compact, easy-to-use form. The Linea Micra is a home
espresso machine true to the heritage of La Marzocco. The Linea Micra elevates any kitchen to café-status.

A compact, easy-to-use home espresso machine with the powerful performance worthy of the La Marzocco name. Designed as a scaled-down version of the Linea Classic S, the Linea Micra combines a dynamic feature set and small body that allows you to explore the world of espresso.

Linea Micra RVS

€ 2800,00

Linea Micra Black

€ 2980,00

Linea Micra White

€ 2980,00

Linea Micra Blue

€ 2980,00

Linea Micra Red

€ 2980,00

Linea Micra Yellow

€ 2980,00

Linea Micra Grey

€ 2980,00

Micra makes dialing in your morning routine simple.

Dial in your morning routine. A quick heat-up time, simple setup, and all the tools you need to enjoy café-quality espresso at home.

Clean lines and timeless aesthetic inspired by a long line of espresso icons. Micra includes seven colors to choose from, elevating any home kitchen to café-status.

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Introducing the Linea Micra

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